An all round service.

Even if a customer order`s one tyre, all the other tyres including the spare are checked for tread depth & pressure.

Now you may ask why?..and the why is because we care about providing an all round service, a bit like a tyre ‘all round’..excuse the pun.

We leave the customer safe in the knowledge that all tyres have been checked & any problems with tyre wear/damage etc..have been pointed out, and the piece of mind of knowing that they can get back on the road in safety.

So you can rely on Hometyre, a service that is second to none.

Cold weather needs Winter Tyres

According to weather forecasts, we could be in for a severe winter like last year.

So it dosen’t take a genius to realise that if you have dangerous driving
conditions i.e, ice & snow, then having winter tyres fitted to your vehicle will aid in safer driving.

Winter tyres perform better in colder conditions because of their softer rubber compound & tread design, which aids better grip.

But it’s not just in snow & ice, but also in wet conditions as well.

Friend purchased a part worn tyre.

About a year ago a friend needed a tyre, so he asked me for a quote & I duly obliged, he then went to check the price online & at some local garages, eventually he bought (much to my dismay) a part worn tyre.

When I asked him why he didn’t buy a new tyre, he said it was much cheaper to buy part worn & the garage owner assured him it was safe & legal.

So I offered him a wager that the tyre he had bought could not be compared to a new one in being both safe & legal.

Well he never accepted the wager, but I checked his tyre anyway & discovered a cut on the sidewall that had been patched up, after I explained to my friend the safety implications of his purchase, he vowed to avoid buying part worn tyres again…Safety first.